Private IP


Securely Connect and Communicate Around the World

Technology and applications are changing at a blistering pace. Chances are your business is changing too. It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes new technologies and applications bring to an enterprise network, not to mention the expense. How can you remain efficient, agile, and help improve productivity? The answer is simple: an enterprise network that can adapt to rapid changes. Or even better: one that does so while leveraging your existing investments.

Our Private IP solution does just that. A network-based virtual private network (VPN), it offers the scalability and any-to-any connectivity of IP while providing the same level of security and reliability of legacy network technologies such as Frame Relay and ATM networks. Based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, Private IP gives you highly scalable connectivity options and a simple any-to-any network design. It can grow with your organization and can consolidate your applications onto a single network infrastructure.


With fast speeds and secure networking capabilities, Private IP offers world-class service for your mission-critical applications. Our solution provides the foundation for automating business processes—including e-commerce, shared intranets, and extranets—within your enterprise and between your organizations. Private IP provides an ideal foundation for flexible transport and secure access of your cloud services data and applications and can help meet your business demands by offering:

Scalability. Allows you to connect multiple locations within your VPN via any-to-any configurations

Cost Control. Provides consolidation of data, voice, and video services through a single connection, helping improve productivity while helping control training, travel, and communications expenses

Varying Classes of Service. Private IP provides customers the ability to use six classes of service to prioritize all types of network traffic for low latency, low jitter, and high availability 

Flexible IP Routing. Supports multiple encapsulation methods and routing protocols on the network

Network Management Flexibility. Provides multiple levels of control ranging from customer-managed to project-related professional services to fully outsourced network management via Verizon Managed Network Services

Expansive Reach. Allows you to take your business further by enabling your users to access the network from diverse locations around the globe

Exceptional Service. Provides 24-hour customer service, advanced reporting capabilities, and competitive service level agreements (SLAs)